The Best Tweezer for Classic and Volume Eyelash Extensions

Do you ever get tired of having to switch between different tweezer styles for your classic and volume lash appointments?

Have you also been looking for a tweezer that you can use every day and never get tired of?

Say hello to one of our most versatile tweezers, the Long 135º

This is the big sister to the Sexy 135º Volume Tweezer. This tweezer is the best for classic and volume eyelash extensions. Laying at a staggering 5.5 inches, the longer body of this tweezer allows for optimum comfort when creating volume fans or isolating! Having a longer tweezer means it is able to rest on your hand which takes away some of the strain you may experience with a shorter tweezer.

The Long 135º is available in eight different colors so no matter what your style is you'll find the color that's right for you!

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