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Private Label Perks

Let’s talk private labels… What is a private label?Private labels gives your brand the opportunity to sell already-existing, successful products made by another company. These labels are customized and selectively... Read More

Why You Need to Be Watching Your Hygrometer

Regardless of what adhesive you use, it is affected by humidity.  Taking a step back, humidity is ambient moisture in the air. You've probably heard someone complain of the humid... Read More

How to Clean Silicone Reusable Eye Pads

The Best Cleanser for All Eyelash Extensions

When there is buildup on your lash line it can block new lash growth and compromise your extensions causing them to prematurely fall off. This buildup can also clog your...

The Best Way to Safely Remove Eyelash Extensions

The best way to safely remove eyelash extensions is to use a specially formulated eyelash extension adhesive remover! Eyelash extension adhesives are formulated to hold a strong bond which means... Read More

You Need This Tweezer for Volume Lashes

The sexiest tweezer in the bunch! Our Sexy 90 Tweezer gives you the best angle to create and apply large volume fans!

The Best Way to Organize and Store Your Lash Tweezers

Organization is KEY to any lash artist’s success! The more organized you are, the easier it will make your appointments with your clients. Store your favorite tweezers in this compact... Read More

The Best Tweezer for Volume Eyelash Extensions

The best tweezer for volume lash extensions is the Love Boat Tweezer!It's truly a volume GAME CHANGER!Create, pick up, and apply fans with ease using the love Boat Tweezer.There's a... Read More

How To Make Your Lash Adhesive Last Longer

Do you ever feel like you’re wasting your adhesive? Well those days are OVER! If you have not yet tried the Brilliant Lash Pro Adhesive Wells you are seriously missing... Read More