Why You Need to Be Watching Your Hygrometer

Why You Need to Be Watching Your Hygrometer

Regardless of what adhesive you use, it is affected by humidity. 

Taking a step back, humidity is ambient moisture in the air.

You've probably heard someone complain of the humid weather before or how the humidity makes their hair frizzy.

Well, like we mentioned before, your adhesive is affected by this ambient moisture too. 

If the humidity is low, the air is more dry and will result in your adhesive drying slower. 

Opposite to that, if the humidity is high, the elevated level of moisture in the air will cause your adhesive to dry much faster. 

A little science lesson for the day.

The main takeaway is that in order to achieve the upmost performance and retention, you must use the correct adhesive for the humidity in your work environment. 

How? A hygrometer

This handy tool reads the level of moisture in the room for you, you just need to make sure you are checking it. 

Now lets debunk a few things:

  1. The weather and humidity outside affects your adhesive.
  2. The humidity level where your client goes when they leave their appointment will affect their lashes.

The outside humidity will not affect your adhesive performance. The only thing that matters is the humidity in your room or work space while you are lashing! 

There are many factors that can play a role in why the humidity outside is different than the humidity inside, including air conditioning, fans, etc. 

Going along with this, the humidity where your client goes once they leave their appointment will not have any impact on their lashes.

We get many questions along the lines of, "My client is going on vacation in Florida, will her lashes be okay?" Yes!

Once an eyelash extension is adhered and cured, the humidity no longer plays a role in retention.  

If you are unsure of the humidity range your adhesive is formulated for, check with the company. 

Brilliant Lash Pro has formulated three adhesives all for different adhesive ranges; Low Humidity, the OG, and High Humidity

We also offer hygrometers here! We HIGHLY suggest having one.

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