The Best Cleanser for All Eyelash Extensions

Our Clarity Foaming Lash Cleanser is one of our top selling products! 

It is gentle yet effective on the eye area making this cleanser a staple in your daily skincare routine. When there is buildup on your lash line it can block new lash growth and compromise your extensions causing them to prematurely fall off. This buildup can also clog your lash follicles causing your lashes to grow weaker over time. Just by cleansing your lashes daily you can prevent premature fallout, breakage, and aid in preventing blepharitis!

Why do you need a cleanser for your eyelash extensions?
Eyelash extensions are an investment and in order to properly care for them you should properly clean them. We aren't lying when we say that, "clean lashes are happy lashes!" 

How do I properly clean my lashes?
Pump some Clarity Foaming Lash Cleanser onto your fingers or a brush and swipe down from your lash line to the tips of your lashes. Don't be afraid to get in there and get them clean, but don't get too aggressive with them! 

Do NOT use these when cleansing your lashes:
- Cleansing water (micellar water) because it is not formulated for eyelash extensions and can compromise bonds
- Cotton pads/cotton swabs as the strands will get caught on your lashes and can cause premature fallout
- Oil based makeup remover or face products as the oil will break down the bond of your eyelash extensions

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