The Best Tweezer for Volume Eyelash Extensions

The best tweezer for volume lash extensions is the Love Boat Tweezer!
It's truly a volume GAME CHANGER!

Create, pick up, and apply fans with ease using the love Boat Tweezer.
There's a reason why it's our best selling volume tweezer!

Unlike most volume tweezers, the Love Boat has a wide base which allows you to rest the bottom of it on the lash strip for more stability when creating fans. Similarly, the wide base also allows for more control when picking up and applying!

You definitely want to try out the best volume tweezer that every lash artist needs in their collection, it even comes in a variety of different colors! My personal favorite is the mystic topaz to add a pop of color to my tweezer collection, or in brushed stainless steel for a classic, timeless look!


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