Having a Private Label Cleanser gives your salon an enhanced degree of credibility and trust; plus it will increase your revenue, and your retention! You can read all about the perks of private label here!   

How to get started:

Once you have purchased your Private Label Bundle, please email a high quality PNG of your logo to with your name, order number, Instagram Handle, and "Private Label" in the subject line. If you wish to make your private label more customized, please specify your requests via email.

If you do not have a PNG file or high quality image of your logo, we can create one for you for an additional design fee. Please email with your name, order number, and "Private Label HELP" in the subject line.

Once your label design has been confirmed, the turnaround time is: 10-16 business days.

Clean lashes are happy lashes!

Did you know that you can increase your lash retention by just properly cleaning lashes before you begin installation, and by educating your clients to maintain them between visits. Clarity PRO Lash Cleanser isn't just for your studio, send your client home with their own! By encouraging your client to properly clean their lashes at home they'll be able to get the most from their visits with you!

Suggested Retail Prices

30ml: $12-$18 each
50ml: $18-$28 each


30mL: 3.9in x 1.4in (9.9cm x 3.6cm)
50mL: 5in x 1.3in (12.7 x 3.3cm)

What sets Brilliant Lash Pro's Private Label Lash Cleanser apart from others?
- We do it all for you. Unlike other private label companies who send blank product, we will set up the design, print the labels, and package them for you. Leave the hard work to us!

What customizations can I add to my private label? Will this change the cost?
- Brilliant Lash Pro follows all FDA Cosmetic requirements. This means that the product directions, ingredients, warning, fluid ounces, and the manufacturer must be present on the back of the label. We have a standard private label design template that we use for all of our clients. Your logo will be the main focus on the bottle. You can request to remove the text phrases "Clarity" and "Foaming Lash Cleanser" from the front label for no charge.

Standard Template:

If you choose to go with our standard Private Label template, there will be no additional design fee. Elements included in our standard template are:
- Instagram Handle added
- Logo on front
- Option to remove "Clarity"
- Option to remove "Foaming Lash Cleanser"
- Accents in corresponding brand colors

How do I go about making my label more customized?

If you wish to have a custom Private Label Template created, we charge a one time design fee of $50. Once your template has been created, it will be saved in our system for future orders. Elements included on the custom template are:
- Font choices
- Layout alterations
- Colors of choice
FDA REQUIREMENTS: directions, ingredients, warning, fluid ounces, and manufacturer (We will take care of adding this).
This fee will be invoiced separately.