Clarity Foaming Lash Cleanser

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Clarity Foaming Lash Cleanser is a gentle, oil-free formulation that removes dirt, oil and protein build-up that could be otherwise detrimental to eyelash extension application and retention.

Stock your shelves and increase your client retention by offering high quality aftercare!

These cleansers were formulated to protect the bonds of eyelash extensions, allowing clients to maintain their look and increase their retention between appointments.

Also great for cleaning lashes at the beginning of a Lift & Tint service, and a great formulation for microblading aftercare!

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Suggested Retail Prices
30ml: $17-$20 each (or included in your new client kits)
50ml: $21-$30 each
100mL: $33-$35

Prices Per 30ml Unit 
10 Units: $10.80 (40% discount)
25 Units: $9.90 (45% Discount)
50-200 Units: $9.00 (50% Discount)

Prices Per 50ml Unit 
10 Units: $12.30 (40% discount)
25 Units: $11.28 (45% Discount)
50-200 Units: $10.25 (50% Discount)

Prices Per 100ml Unit 
10 Units: $18.90 (40% discount)
25 Units: $17.33 (45% Discount)
50-200 Units: $15.75 (50% Discount)

Foaming Cleanser is an extremely important and versatile product to keep stocked in your backbar as well as on your retail shelves.

Purchase Clarity Foaming Lash Cleanser at wholesale, keep them stocked on your shelves, and make sure EVERY client is using this at home! 

PRO TIP: include them in the price of a full set to send your new clients home with! This will get them started with their new habits, and new future sales for you when they run out.

Cleansing a client’s lashes at the beginning of every appointment will ensure the strongest bonds, and best retention.

While you are performing your cleansing, this is a perfect opportunity to educate on the importance of maintaining clean lashes at home, in order to protect their investment and extend the life of their lashes.

Clarity Foaming Lash Cleanser's formulation was created specifically for use with eyelash extensions. This cleanser does not break down the bonds of your extensions, and it uses natural ingredients such as citrus and tea tree extracts to remove buildup and maintain healthy hair follicles. It's also vegan and cruelty free!

Clarity is about to be your best friend.

Want these branded with your logo? Upgrade to Private Label! Let us do the dirty work for you.

Having a Private Label Cleanser gives your salon an enhanced degree of credibility and trust; plus it will increase your revenue, and your retention!

Read more about Ingredients here

50mL: 5in x 1.3in (12.7 x 3.3cm)
100mL: 5.75in x 1.9in (14.6cm x 4.8cm)