Precision Straight Tweezer

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Finish: Brushed Stainless Steel


Look no further for precision and comfort, these tweezers are a top choice amongst the most experienced lash artists! (Including our CEO, Danielle Rae)

The Precision Straight Tweezer is hand-crafted, hand-tested and inspected before shipment!

This lightweight, loose camber tweezer holds a soft spring which reduces hand fatigue and muscle cramps. The elongated 5.5 inch, tapered tip is amazing for extreme precision. If you are working with short and fine natural lashes, you NEED this tweezer. Maybe even two.

Not only is the Precision Straight Tweezer non-magnetic and non-static, it is also stainless steel. Therefore, rusty tweezers will be the least of your worries.

The Precision Straight Tweezer is a lash artist must have!

Your tweezer purchase matters! Join us in the spread of love and awareness. 5% of every tweezer sale is donated to organizations that are making remarkable changes. Read more

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