Mini Precision Straight Tweezer

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Finish: Brushed Stainless Steel

Precision is the most important part of your isolation. Do it right with the Mini Precision Straight Tweezer!

This high quality, hand-tested tweezer is LITERALLY the Long Precision Straight Tweezer, just smaller. It is the only mini variation in our collection!

The Mini Precision Straight Tweezer is perfect for classic application and isolation. The tapered tip allows a flawless and precise finish. It is lightweight and sturdy.

Lash artists are not the only ones who can benefit from this style tweezer- it works great for waxers as well! Tweeze stray hairs after waxing and style brows to perfection!

Since we all hold our tweezers differently, it is important that we try what works best for us! Add this to your collection to ensure your hands are healthy and your lash days are long!

Your tweezer purchase matters! Join us in the spread of love and awareness. 5% of every tweezer sale is donated to organizations that are making remarkable changes. Read more