DELETE Eyelash Extension Adhesive Remover

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PLEASE NOTE: we will be sending out our new labels once we have used up the remaining supply of our old labels to reduce waste. 

Are you looking for your new go-to adhesive remover? Look no further! This adhesive remover is the result of 10+ years of research and development by Master Lash Artists. It works even on those tough-to-remove lashes that were installed incorrectly!

Gel consistency stays in place and is easy to control to protect your client’s comfort.



Set up client with eye-pads.

Using a cotton swab, apply generously to extension bonds, avoiding contact with skin.

After 90-120 seconds, start scraping lashes off the natural lash with straight tweezers.

Cleanse lashes with Clarity PRO Foaming Lash Cleanser.

Perform a Water Scrub to Rinse.