Complete Artistry Kit - Classic, Hybrid and Volume

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This kit is everything you need to start lashing or to compliment your existing stock.

With five styles of tweezers, four variations of adhesive and six mixed trays of eyelash extensions, you will have the opportunity to find what works for you best!

Kit Value = $700.00+

What you get:

- ONYX Adhesive Low Humidity
- ONYX Adhesive Original
- ONYX Adhesive High Humidity
- Black Magic

- Precision Straight Tweezer (x2)
- Love Boat Tweezer
- Cleopatra Tweezer
- Show Stopper Tweezer
- Stiletto Tweezer

- 30ml Clarity Cleanser
- 50ml Clarity Cleanser
- 100ml Clarity Cleanser

Eyelash Extensions
C 0.15 mixed tray 8-15mm for classic lash technique
D 0.15 mixed tray 8-15mm for classic lash technique
C 0.05 mixed tray 8-15mm for volume lash technique
D 0.05 mixed tray 8-15mm for volume lash technique
C 0.03 mixed tray 8-15mm for volume lash technique
D 0.03 mixed tray 8-15mm for volume lash technique

- Magnetic Tweezer Case
- Butterfly Kisses Eye Pads (Reusable, Silicone, Hypoallergenic)
- Hygrometer (you must know your adhesive performance!)
- DELETE Gel Remover
- Water Scrub Set*
- Micropore Tape
- Adhesive Vessels
- Lash Brushes (x10)
- Travel Lash Brush

For Practice:
- Mannequin Face
- Cosmetic Sponge

Rose Quartz Heart (for channeling unconditional self-love and prosperity)

*water scrub set is a unique addition to training with Garnet Lash Society