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Choose the best adhesive to use during your appointments! 

Make sure you know your humidity at all times!

Recommended Adhesives:

Average Humidity 40-65%: ONYX Original

Average Humidity 50-95%: ONYX High Humidity

To set time:

     1.Hold down “MODE” for 2 seconds. Press “ADJ” until you have reached              the desired minutes

  1. Press “MODE” again then “ADJ” until you have reached the desired hour

To switch between C° and F°:

  1. Under the kickstand there will be a black button press to switch between the two

To view and adjust memory:

  1. To view the maximum humidity press “MEMORY” (this will show you the maximum temperature and humidity)[MAX]
  2. Press “MEMORY” again to view the minimum temperature[MIN]
  3. Hold down “MEMORY” when on “MIN” or “MAX” to reset the memory

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